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Youth Department

Sis. Andrea Thomas, President
Youth Music Director
Sis. Brenda Hunter
Youth Curriculum Specialist
Sis. Maryln Fitzgerald
Youth Worship Dance Coordinator
Sis. Karissa Gibson
Youth Rally Drama Coordinator
Sis. Dana Graves Jefferson

Department Update

2015 State Congress Planning: Host Church: Progressive Baptist Church, St. Paul

  • Registration/Pre-registration: Registration forms to be sent out with notes from this meeting. Please begin to register participating youth as soon as possible.
  • Pre-Congress Service Project: Date: Saturday, March 14, 2015
  • Location/organization: GOOD in the HOOD. (The group elected to return to Feed
  • Nature of Service: Youth will pack backpacks for children/youth with enough food to sustain them for the weekend. Youth will sort donated shoes & prep them for resale to raise money for feeding program. (1 pair shoes = food for entire week)

    Challenge: Pastor Patterson has challenged all pastors to participate in the service project.

  • Change Rally: February 1st-March 8th each youth group is to collect loose change to be donated to Good in the Hood. The church that collects the most change will house the “Be the Change” Award trophy until the next service project
  • Congress Youth Division Schedule: 3-45minute sections:

  • Christian Education (6:30-7:15);
  • Arts/Youth Rally Prep (7:15-8:00);
  • Choir Rehearsal (8:00-8:45)
  • *Exceptions: