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The Brianna E. Lark Scholarships will be awarded annually in memory of the life lived by a true child of God, Brianna E. Lark!

At the young age of twelve Brianna Lark was diagnosed with, what was then called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, later to be called, Lupus. Even though the illness caused her to be hospitalized quite often, Breezy continued her education. As a High School student she won four consecutive poetry contests, in spite of the heavy burden that had been placed on her. Brianna could have given up several times, but quit, was not in her vocabulary. Brianna was a dedicated participant in the Minnesota State Baptist Convention’s youth Ministry, sharing words of encouragement and showing a great amount of perseverance, in spite of her illness. Breezy went on to graduate from high school on time and enrolled in college. It is that spirit we want to recognize with this award, “the spirit of trusting God, no matter what the obstacle, knowing he will make a way!”

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